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Are you looking for a company that installs, services, maintains, and repairs ICU/CCU doors? Barry hospital staff need look no further than BGS as we’re experts in all things sliding ICU/CCU doors. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will usually respond in four hours or less, often in under one hour.

When ICU/CCU doors fail, time is critical. Our engineers are the best in the industry and are highly trained to carry out quick and comprehensive repairs. They’ll have your doors restored in no time and can keep them operational with our bespoke servicing and maintenance plans. To learn more, call us on 08085 015480.

Professional ICU/CCU Doors Barry Hospitals Can Trust

ICUs (Intensive Care Unit) and CCUs (Critical Care Unit) are two of the most critical areas of a hospital, responsible for treating the most seriously ill and badly injured patients. ICU/CCU doors play a vital role in these areas, fulfilling multiple roles that assist staff, keep areas secure, and protect the most vulnerable patients.

At BGS, we provide a complete range of services that cover ICU/CCU doors and any glazing that might be installed. Our services are bespoke and affordable, so they won’t tax your limited budget. If you’d like to learn more about ICU/CCU doors, including their functionality and features, then keep reading or give BGS a call.

What are ICU/CCU Doors? 

ICU/ CCU doors are the same thing. They are sliding doors designed to allow easy access to medical personnel while maximizing space and flexibility in patient rooms. They are a low-maintenance option designed to keep areas secure while allowing the highest levels of patient care. They permit a free flow of traffic in the corridor while maintaining a compact profile that fits the design of the space. 

ICU/CCU doors make it easier for hospital personnel to enter and exit while wearing gloves and masks. These doors usually feature glazing, with large glass panels allowing hospital staff to monitor patients closely without entering the room. Sliding ICU/ CCU doors offer smooth, quiet operation and assist personnel in delivering the best possible care. 

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The purpose of ICU/CCU doors, Barry customers, is to streamline hospital operations by requiring minimal effort to operate. These doors open and close automatically when patients are wheeled in or out. Thanks to built-in sensors, the doors are prevented from opening accidentally, which helps to maintain a safe and sterile internal environment. Manual options are also available.

ICU/CCU doors save space without compromising safety and can be used with different bed positions for ease of bed use. Crucially, these doors can be fitted to rooms with various configurations, including those with limited spaces. This provides much greater flexibility than current automatic hospital doors.

Benefits of Our ICU/CCU Doors

Many hospitals are already equipped with automatic sliding doors, so what are the benefits of upgrading to ICU/CCU doors? Consider that the technology, while similar, is far more sophisticated, boasting capabilities and flexibilities not possible with standard doors. This results in benefits that include:

  • Climate Control
  • Infection Control
  • Patient Privacy
  • More Space Saved
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements

We’ve expanded on three of these benefits: climate, infection control, and patient privacy. That’s because these are essential requirements in any hospital, so ensuring that a set of doors meets these requirements is vital.

Climate Control

Regarding climate control, ICU/CCU doors, Barry customers, can play a huge role. They remain closed when access is not needed, which helps to maintain the internal ambient temperature. Hospital corridors can be cold, and critically ill patients must be kept at a stable temperature to prevent a sudden decline in their health.

Built-in sensors prevent the doors from accidentally opening, so they’ll only open when personnel enter or exit, or the patient is wheeled in or out. ICU/CCU doors continue to improve due to continuous improvements and advancements in energy efficiency.

Infection Control

Hospitals are designed and operated in such a way as to minimise the risk of infections. Hospital staff are trained to observe the correct protocol to prevent the onset and spread of infections. ICU/CCU doors help with infection control measures and minimise the risk of cross-contamination. In an intensive care/critical care unit where the most vulnerable patients are often found, preventing the onset and spread of infections is important.

In addition, ICU/CCU doors also help reduce patient bedsores’ occurrence, as the glazing permits constant observation of patients requiring regular turning. Plus, bed availability is improved, and traffic flow disruptions are reduced in busy, high-volume areas. All this, in turn, has a knock-on effect on infection control by allowing better patient management and reducing exposure to potential contaminants that could trigger infections.

Patient Privacy

Lastly, the inclusion of ICU/CCU doors promotes superior patient privacy. The doors remain sealed unless access is needed, leaving patients to recover in peace. ICU/CCU doors can even be fitted with smart glazing. This smart glass is translucent, providing the patient with complete privacy. When an electric current is introduced, the glazing turns transparent.

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Other Doors We Offer

In addition to ICU/CCU doors, Barry customers can come to our UK commercial and industrial door company for other doors, including:

Our door designers will discuss your requirements if you require a door replacement. We offer a bespoke service that’s tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, we can fix, maintain, and service any commercial or industrial door, shutter, gate, etc.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors are one of the most common door types available and one of two space-saving options. As the name implies, these doors are constructed with metal sections connected by interlocking hinges. As the doors open, the sections fold back on the hinges, and the door slides into the ceiling.

This makes these doors ideal for sites with limited space and where headroom is also limited. Sectional overhead doors can be customised with glazing. Metal sections can be removed and replaced with transparent sections. Our sectional overhead doors are made from galvanised steel, offering superior weather protection. And they can be automated.

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are the second of the two space-saving options available. Unlike sectional overhead doors, these doors are comprised of individual metal slats that roll up as the door opens, coming to rest at the top of the entrance. These doors are built from steel or aluminium and provide exceptional strength and durability.

Unlike sectional overhead doors, roller shutter doors do not slide into the ceiling area. This makes them ideal for any site that utilises this space for storage or other purposes. BGS is proud to supply, maintain, service, and install roller shutter doors.

Entrance Barriers

In addition to doors, shutters, and gates, we at BGS also cover other entrance types, such as barriers. Entrance barriers are a vital means of restricting and regulating access to private or secure areas. They are most commonly employed as a means of regulating parking access. One example would be to restrict access to authorised personnel and visitors only.

Another example would be monetising parking facilities, such as public car parks. Whatever the reason, we at BGS are pleased to offer services to cover all entrance barriers.

Benefits of Servicing Your Doors

If your doors haven’t been serviced in a while, Barry customers, it’s time to consider investing in a bespoke package provided by BGS. The benefits of regular servicing are clear and include:

  • Prolongs the Lifespan
  • Reduces Operation Costs
  • Minimises Downtime
  • Ensures Compliance with Safety Regulations
  • Saves You Money

Regular servicing takes care of wear and tear that would otherwise reduce your door’s lifespan. Servicing addresses underlying issues and remedies them before they become major problems. These problems will not only result in you spending more on repairs but will impact you financially in other ways. For one, you’ll have to halt operations whenever your doors cease working.

You’ll also have to pay to replace the doors sooner than you’d like. In short, regular servicing reduces operation costs, minimises downtime, and saves you money. It also ensures that you remain compliant with all current safety legislation. As part of our servicing provision, we check your doors, glazing, and all other aspects.

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BGS is a company with more than 30 years of experience to call on. We can service, maintain, and repair all ICU/CCU doors, including the glazing. We carry out this role quickly and without cutting corners, demonstrating the utmost professionalism with lasting results. You can always count on our team to exceed your expectations with affordable results that speak for themselves.

And our door designers can also install various commercial and industrial doors. The likes of CHAS, SMAS, and Safecontractor accredit us, and our engineers are all highly trained and certified. They’ll help you choose the right doors and have them fabricated and customised before returning with them to oversee the installation.

Lastly, with 35 depots nationwide, we’re only a phone call away. Phone us 24/7/365, and we’ll be there in as little as one hour.

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