High-Security Shutter & Door Installation – LWC Drinks Ltd, Andover

Our team recently completed exhaustive installation and maintenance work for LWC Drinks Ltd at their site in Andover in a bid to improve security.

Job Brief

The BGS team was familiar with the site in Andover, as we have been servicing doors for the previous tenants for many years. We were keen to offer our services to LWC Drinks Ltd, as we have extensive knowledge of the property and know how best to implement maintenance work. Our team reached out to LWC Drinks and, after a thorough consultation, gathered a clear idea of what they wanted to do to the site in terms of ongoing maintenance and improvements.

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The Challenge

The priority for the client was security. LWC Drinks stores high-value goods that must be protected at all hours. As such, ensuring that the site had the most secure window doors possible was essential. The challenge for our team was to assess the areas of the site in which security could be improved and make recommendations to the client for them to approve. Using their in-depth knowledge, our staff advised the client on the best window and door options for their property that would bolster security significantly.

The Solution

Once the client was settled on new windows and doors for the site, our team got to work on having them sourced. Fifteen high-security window shutters were manufactured and installed alongside four steel-hinged security doors, which provided the level of security required. Our team was able to source and install the doors in no time, making sure that they met our high standards and were functioning correctly. We will continue to provide maintenance and servicing solutions to LWC Drinks as and when they’re needed.

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